july 27-31st



"The course gave me experiences of jobs I'd never thought about before"

"The experience of doing projects in different design fields really helped me to know what suits me best"

"I had never experienced vehicle design before, but i really enjoyed the challenge of sketching cars"

"making models of our designs was really enjoyable"

"All of the people from their fields of work were genuinely helpful and taught us well giving clear and helpful insight"

"the course exceeded my expectations"

"all the designers were really helpful and offered excellent guidance"

"I really enjoyed the experience of working in a team on each project"



The Design Academy is a week-long summer school in Oxford created to give pupils aged 15 and above a unique taste of different creative disciplines, helping them make informed choices about their future study.

Which degree you study is one of the most important - and expensive choices you will make. The Design Academy will guide you through a variety of different design disciplines, giving you the opportunity to 'try before you buy' and find out more about what a career in each discipline would involve.

Monday to Thursday will cover a different subject each day. You will learn the fundamentals of each design specialism, with specialist lecturers giving an overview of the industry, followed by fun and challenging creative exercises. The focus for each exercise will be working to a brief, idea generation, working in teams, and illustrating concepts. (previous drawing experience is preferred but not essential). Friday is dedicated to UCAS portfolio development.


All our tutors are have a professional design background, and are experts in their field.

The Design Academy will be rolling out nationally. Please register your interest here if you would like the Design Academy in your area.​


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