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Making the right degree choice

So, you're interested in studying design at degree level, what next?

Universities are obviously keen to enrol students on their courses, higher-education is a business after all, so there has been a significant shift over the last few years towards a more competitive market in how degrees are marketed.

League tables are one of the accepted standards used for comparsons of different Universities and they can certainly offer a snapshot of student satisfaction. However, it's vital to understand that each course you may be considering often has strengths and weaknesses, which could be important to help you make the right degree choice.

At Design Academy you get expert industry insight about which courses offer the best opportunities for your study. Some degree courses have great links with Industry, and well-established programs of collaborative projects with companies that you might aspire to work for. Others have a policy of restricting student numbers, ensuring a staff/student ratio that you may be more comfortable with.

At the end of your week at Design Academy you'll receive a booklet detailing what we consider are the best degree courses in each area, and why you should consider them in your future study plans. It's impartial, expert-informed advice and we think you'll find it invaluable for helping you make the right choice for you.

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