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Why Choose A Design Summer School?

The Design Academy’s approach to design education sets it apart from other summer schools.

When you hear the words ‘summer school’, what do you think of?

The summer play-schemes that you used to go to as a child? Or perhaps the punishment-style ‘summer school’ we’re shown in American TV shows? Not the best image! But, thankfully, both of them are wrong - as, in reality, summer schools are neither of those, but so much more.

Primarily, summer schools in the UK are there to help students looking to take the next step in their lives. They could be particularly bright and want to fit in some extra learning, be looking for a way to make their university applications stand out from the crowd or trying to figure out what to do with their life moving forward. There is a summer school for them all.

At the Design Academy, we’re in the last category. And, if we’re honest, if you’re considering a career in design, then a design summer school could be the best move for you. Want to know why? Carry on reading.

Understand what a career in design means

When design subjects are taught in school, the focus is often on the technical skills. This is important, but it doesn’t really prepare you for a career in design, nor give you an insight into the various types of design there are – and how you might excel at them.

After all, design isn’t just one thing – it’s the umbrella term for a huge range of jobs and careers, from technical designers to fashion designers, product designers and even mechanical designers. All of these are careers in the design industry, but completely different from one another in practice.

It’s this approach to design education that sets the Design Academy apart from other summer schools. This kind of focus is unavailable almost anywhere else, and can really help you focus on what branch of design you want to pursue and how to get there.

Improve your grades

The most obvious reason for attending any kind of summer school is to improve your grades and give yourself a better chance in your exams.

A summer school that focuses on design can essentially build on what you’ve already learnt at school, adding extra skills and giving you a deeper knowledge to draw in your assessments, exams or at university. Even if you’ve already taken your GCSEs or A Levels, a summer school can help when it comes to UCAS forms, succeeding in your university courses or in finding your first job.

Develop your skills

There is no such thing as ‘being done learning’. There are always new skills to learn, projects to tackle, techniques to develop, knowledge to acquire, influences to consider.

If you really want to give yourself an edge in the world of design, the more you can learn and grow, the better. A design summer school like the Design Academy will help you learn more about the world of design, from concept development to colour theory, and techniques to technology. By enrolling in a design summer school you can start to develop these skills early on, making your next step in a design career more successful. And either way, none of your new skills will go to waste in the future!

Get ahead in the job market

Summer school programs are great for taking the next step in the job market too. Not only will you be able to work out which job market you’re aiming for, but you’ll be able to gain some valuable skills, knowledge and contacts to help you on your way there.

The current job market is competitive, and companies want to hire young professionals who can hit the ground running and make an impact quickly. A design summer school is a chance for aspiring designers to gain a knowledge of the industry and the fundamentals of business, giving you a significant head start on the competition.

Sound good? Then come and join in! At Design Academy, we run design summer schools in Oxford every summer to help aspiring designers take their next step towards a career in design.

Our course is split into four ‘disciplines’ that cover the key areas of design, including general information, interior design, architectural design, graphic design and much more (which you can find out about here.) Each day will be taught by an expert in that discipline, who will teach you valuable design skills, guide you through projects, help you discover your strengths and give you an insight into what a career in that discipline is like. The fifth and final day is spent giving you portfolio guidance so that when your UCAS application comes around your portfolio is a strong as it can be.

There is no other design summer school in the UK that does this – we’re the first and we’re offering an early-bird discount for bookings. So, come and join us!

To find out more, just get in touch, or book your space now for an Early-Bird discount.

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