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Three ways to help your child in the world of design

As parents, we want the best possible for our children. We want them to be able to do well in school, and to grow up to have successful, fulfilling careers.

For some careers, like becoming a doctor, a scientist or a teacher, those career paths are well-trodden and well-known. But as the job market becomes more complex, so new career paths emerge.

That’s great because with those new career paths come new opportunities for skilled young people… but it can also be scary. What should your child expect? What are the degrees like? Are they worth £30,000+ in fees? Is it a competitive industry? Are the jobs secure? Well-paid? So many unknowns.

For parents with teenagers who are interested in a career in design, it’s tough to know how to support your child at this stage. After all, the last thing you want is for them to embark on a design degree only to find out – several of tens of thousands of pound later – that it’s not for them.

Here at the Design Academy we have three top tips for you to help support your teenager and help them make the right choice. To find out more, read on.

Do your research

As human beings, all of us tend to fall into the same trap. We all make assumptions

about new or developing industries based on our knowledge from years ago. Quite possibly, these presumptions weren’t all that accurate at the time, or they most certainly aren’t accurate now!

Don’t forget, people mocked media studies degrees for years, but media is one of the single biggest industry employers in the UK. It’s a £76bn industry, generating 5.5% of all UK economy and employing more than two million people every year. So, while it was the butt of many jokes and criticism from parents, it was, and still is, ultimately one of the smarter career choices for creatively minded young people!

So, if your child wants to become a designer, do your research into the industry. Go in with an open mind and learn what you can about the world of design – and use that information to help your child.

Encourage all forms of art

As a designer your child will need to be able to draw reference from a large pool of influences – from art, music, nature, the world around them… even other designers. All creatives borrow ideas from other areas of art and allow themselves to be inspired by them – and the more exposure they get, the more they will have to draw on.

This doesn’t necessarily mean dragging them around museums every weekend, but it does mean encouraging them to be open to all kinds of creativity, to explore their ideas and to ‘exercise’ that muscle so to speak. Remember, Pablo Picasso himself said: “Art if theft. Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

Enrol them in a summer school

There was a time that summer school was a place to send children who weren’t achieving their full potential in school. But now there are summer schools that are specifically designed to help young people have fun, learn new skills and boost their UCAS forms.

The Design Academy does all that of course – and goes a step further. With our tutors being experts in their fields and having a background in teaching at academic level, our summer school gives your child something unique – a preview of what to expect from specific design degrees and what a career in that design discipline could be like.

At Design Academy, our courses last one week, and are split into different ‘disciplines’ that cover all the key areas of design. Each day we bring in experts from the field who will teach valuable design skills, guide students through how a career in design works, help them discover where their strengths lie and even give portfolio guidance to help them start their journey.

If your child is showing interest in a career in design (of any discipline), our design summer school would be perfect for them. We’re the first and only design summer school in the UK with this offering – so give your child the best start they can get for a career in design.

To find out more, just get in touch, or book your space now for an Early-Bird discount.


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